Power of CRN token
This topic is asked the most as every investor needs to know and understand why should they hold any specific token. Holding is the only way that can make any new coin successful. It all depends on the use case of the token and mutual understanding with the investor either to hold or not.
CryptoRun Token has a really interesting use case where investors needs to buy once and to use their CRN tokens to generate regular income for them. CRN token not only allows holders to participate in IDO but there are more reasons to hold are explained below


Every investor wish to invest in the earliest stage of any cryptocurrency but only in legit and high potential IDOs. CryptoRun team finds and verifies every point before publishing it in our launchpad. We make sure that our partner's token have potential to moon!
CRN token holders will be the first one to participate in our partner's IDO which enables to be the earliest in legit and high potential IDOs.


CRN NFT Marketplace is one of our strongest product that is going to be launched near around Christmas 2021. CRN NFT Marketplace will allow all NFT and Gaming projects to use our marketplace to store their NFTs, where users can purchase NFTs.
CRN token holders can stake their CRN tokens for certain period and can buy NFTs with their staked tokens of the same value of their CRN tokens + they will still be eligible for IDOs even after buying NFTs with their staked CRN tokens
For eg: Project X is an NFT gaming project and have published their NFTs in our marketplace. In order to play Project X game users might need equipment NFTs. So CRN holders have a benefit to use their CRN tokens by staking it for a certain time and can buy the same value of NFTs to play the game.


CRN Wallet is one of our another product which is way better. CRN wallet is the most powerful and with high security standard. You can read more about CRN wallet here https://docs.cryptorun.network/crn-wallet​
CRN wallet is only for CRN token holders. Must hold and stake minimum of one of our tier system to be eligible to use our wallet.