User Benefits (CRN Holders)
  • There are a lot of benefits for users or CRN holders. The use case of CRN token is not only holding and participating in IDOs but holders can stake their CRN tokens for certain period and can get NFTs.
For eg: Project X is an NFT gaming project and have published their NFTs in our marketplace. In order to play Project X game users might need equipment NFTs. So CRN holders have a benefit to use their CRN tokens by staking it for a certain time and can buy the same value of NFTs to play the game.
  • Staked CRN tokens can also be used to participate in IDOs so it's a huge winning situation for the users.
  • Staked CRN tokens also earns you APY as well.
  • Multiple use of CRN tokens will convince most of the holders to hold their CRN tokens for long term which will allow chart to stabilize and staked CRN tokens value will keep on increasing.
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